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Development and expertise

Our team includes:
• An agronomist who can study your requests for cultivation of new species in France or abroad (Mediterranean climate of south-eastern France, continental climate of Ukraine);
• A confirmed herbalist who can establish new recipes for herbal teas or formulations;
• A purchasing service that can source and supply organic quality raw materials that cannot be produced locally.

We guarantee botanical identification and batch traceability, batch compliance with pesticide residues and microbiological standards. The products and processes are certified according to the requirements of EC Regulation 834/2007 on organic farming.

The ELIXENS group's commitment to ethical and fair production

Since 2009, ELIXENS France is associated with BIOPARTENAIRE an organization supporting a universal fair trade approach where maintaining farmers in their activity represents a global stake, inherent to all geographical relations and not specific to north-south relations. The agricultural world is challenged everywhere: declining productivity, speculation on commodities, market pressure and migration processes. No country today is able to avoid such phenomena. Faced with this observation, companies involved in the BIOPARTENAIRE approach are mobilizing to be motors of territorial development in France as well as internationally.

The label is universal today, mainly highlighting a sustainable partnership approach, and committing to it world-wide.

Teams & Tools

Using distillation columns, extraction plants and all the equipment needed to refine aromatic raw materials, Elixens' teams have the know-how and experience in fragrant creation.
Thus, the Elixens group has:

• several distillation columns to produce essential oils by steaming (continuous distillation) in Ukraine and the French Drome region,
• extraction plants to produce concretes,
• tanks for combining and blending to homogenise and prepare the orders,
• continuous filtration and centrifuge machines,
• distillation towers for the rectification and deterpenation process.

The quality of our productions is scrupulously ensured by laboratories equipped with high-tech tools: to measure physical properties (density, refraction index, rotary power), measure chemical properties (acid index, peroxide index, phenol concentration, aldehyde concentration, ester concentration), gas chromatography and mass spectrometry.

Our development team will guide you in choices and issues related to taste and scent and can provide advice in the use of aromatic raw materials. Thanks to the experience of our R & D, we offer different technical aids: examples of formulation sheets for different types of applications, both in the cosmetics and food industries; a brochure summarizing the cosmetic properties of plant extracts; sharp advice in the field of herbalism.

Aromatic raw material adapted to your activity

Fine Perfumes

4762098 f520The company selects plants for optimal performance, locates fine fragrance notes in original sources to help inspire perfume creators, and offers a wide range of compounds for use in perfumes (essential oils, concretes, absolutes, defined aromatic products, reworked formulations, etc.).

Your fragrance compound requirements are managed by olfactory specialists who not only have technical knowledge about scents but who also have in-depth knowledge about markets, including current trends and emerging trends.
If your fine perfumery operations are of a specific nature, we can offer tailored olfactory solutions. 


medical spa094 1We perform state-of-the-art analyses on allergen levels in essential oils and research ways to reduce these levels. We also determine maximum allergen concentrations based on the end use in washed and unwashed products. We use INCI standards and information about essential oil proprieties to develop ingredients that can be used to make hypoallergenic products (oils for massages, relaxation, invigoration, etc.).

A cosmetic will be all the more appreciated if its subtle fragrance blends in well with the moment when it is applied to the skin. Our development team has a great deal of experience in the coherence of scents associated with cosmetics and can offer you olfactory solutions suited to your specific sectors.


personalhygiene 476x290We offer raw materials with potentially strong fragrances to optimise formulations intended for mass market washed and unwashed products and numerous active materials with emollient and softening properties for formulations used in soap and washing products.

The personaal hygiene segment requires yet another olfactory approach. It is often less sophisticated than the fine perfumery approach but it must be more original and reasonably-priced given the volumes and renewal rates on shelf facings. If your main activities are in this sector, our teams offer numerous high-performance sensorial solutions at attractive prices.

Fine Perfumery, Cosmetics and Body Hygiene

You are:
•    a creator formulating fine perfumery, cosmetics and/or toiletries products
•    a marketing manager with a specific universe to create via an olfactory concept
•    an R&D researcher
•    aromatic raw material Purchasing Manager 

We are able to offer aromatic solutions that meet your specific requirements. The quality of our raw materials is based on our control of the original sources of production and our active marketing watch on market trends.