In summary

Your data are collected by the Elixens companies (Elixens France, Elixens America and Elixens UK).

Personal data means any information concerning an identified and identifiable natural person; a person who is considered identifiable may be identified, whether directly or indirectly, in particular by a name, identification number or one or several specific elements referring to their physical, physiological, genetic, psychological, economic, cultural or social identity.

Personal information that may be collected on the Elixens website is primarily used by the publisher in order to manage our relationship with you, and if applicable to process your messages.

1. The right to access, rectify and delist your data

Everyone has the right to access, rectify and object to the processing of their personal data. Everyone also has the right to delist and the right to data portability of the personal data that they send to the data controller. You can exercise this right by contacting us at the following email address: data @ To process your request, it must include the address at which the publisher can contact you. A photocopy of a valid identity card signed by the applicant may also be requested. A reply shall be sent within one month following receipt of the request. This one-month timeframe may be extended to two months if necessary due to the complexity of the request and/or number of other requests. Since the passing of law no. 2016-1321 of 7 October 2016, persons who wish to have the chance to organise the destination of their data after their death.

2. Use of the data

The personal data collected on our website are used to respond to your messages. We are also likely to use your data, if applicable, to satisfy our legal and/or regulatory obligations.

In the event of any kind of infraction, for which the parties shall be blamed, and for which the legal authorities will need to know the collected information, these latter shall therefore be communicated to these authorities upon their express and well-founded request, and will no longer benefit from the provisions relating to personal data protection.

When certain information is required to access specific features of the website, the publisher will indicate this need when collecting the data.

3. Cookies

A ‘Cookie’ or tracer is an electronic file left on a terminal (computer, tablet, smartphone...). While browsing this site, cookies from the company responsible for the site in question and/or third-party companies may be left on your terminal.

When first browsing this site, a banner explaining the use of cookies will appear. From that moment on, by continuing to browse, the customer and/or potential customer will be considered to have been informed and to have accepted the use of these cookies. Consent given will be valid for a period of thirteen (13) months. You have the possibility to refuse the use of "cookies" directly on the banner.

Any collected information will only be used to track the volume, type and configuration of the traffic using this site, in order to develop the conception and arrangement of the site, for other administrative purposes and to plan and more generally to improve the service that we offer.

You can read about and configure your cookies at any time, by accepting or refusing them, by going to the Cookies Management page. You can select your overall preference for the whole site, or individually for each service.

Our GDPR approach

1. Data controller

The following information is provided to make you aware of our commitments regarding the protection of the personal data of ELIXENS France SAS, whose registered office is located at Ecosite, 428 rue Brunelle, 26400 EURRE - France, and which acts as a data controller for the processing of the personal data referred to in this document.

Our company is a company ruled by private law, whose basic activities do not involve the regular or systematic monitoring of individuals on a, nor the large-scale processing of so-called ‘sensitive’ data or data relating to criminal convictions and offences.

It is therefore not included in the profile of companies which have to appoint a data protection officer (DPO) under article 37 of the GDPR.

As such, it has not appointed a DPO.

The data controller is represented by Ms Carole Abdelli, manager.

2. Personal data we process and where it comes from

In the context of the processing of personal data, the data controller collects and processes the following data about customers, prospects, suppliers:

In terms of commercial relations and follow-up:

identity, professional details, professional title and data relating to the follow-up of the commercial relationship; and

In terms of communication and management of the website:

  • identity, professional details, function, area of activity, country and language;
  • data relating to browsing on the website (timestamp, IP address of users, technical data relating to the equipment and browser used by users and cookies) and on digital platforms via sharing buttons and media (cookies and other trackers);
  • data relating to the management of user contacts (timestamp and purpose of the request);
  • and statistics on the audience of the website, as well as our social media platforms.

This data comes from our customers (thorough contact with them, meetings at trade shows and sharing our business cards etc.), the information contained in directories or available databases, contributors to publications, users of the website, and our social media pages, third parties who have agreed to receive the newsletter, commercial offers or press releases.

3. Purposes and legal bases of our data processing

3.1 Purposes of our processing

The processing that we carry out serves the following purposes:

In terms of commercial relations and follow-up:

  • Management of a customer base: commercial, regulatory and billing contacts;
  • Management of a prospect database;
  • Management of a supplier base;
  • Management and administrative follow-up of purchase or sale contracts;
  • Management and follow-up of invoices (preparation and issuing of quotes, invoices, calculation of prices, management of product traceability and availability);
  • Sending of samples and regulatory documents;
  • Management of reminders for unpaid bills;
  • Receipt of payable invoices and payment;
  • Follow-up of disputes related to invoicing or contracts;
  • Management of claims; and
  • Conducting of customer satisfaction surveys;

In terms of communication and website management:

  • Management of a list of press contacts for the timely sending of press releases;
  • Management of subscriptions and electronic mailings of the newsletter;
  • Management of subscriptions and electronic mailings of commercial offers;
  • Creation of publications on the company’s social media pages; and
  • Preparation of service statistics.
3.2. Legal basis of our processing

We only carry out data processing if at least one of the following criteria is met:

  • We are bound by legal and regulatory obligations that require personal data to be processed;
  • It is in our legitimate interest, or that of a third party, to perform personal data processing;
  • For you and us to enter into a contract, we have to carry out the relevant personal data processing; or
  • You have consented to the processing operations.
3.3. Legitimate interests pursued

The legitimate interests pursued by the data controller specifically include improving its service, complying with certifications and promoting the company’s activities, and ensuring IT security.

4. Recipients of your data

The personal data that we collect, as well as the personal data collected subsequently, is intended for us in our capacity as a data controller.

We ensure that only authorised persons have access to this data. Our subcontractors/service providers may receive this data to carry out the services we entrust to them.

Your personal data may be subject to reconciliation, pooling or sharing between the parent and sister entities of the data controller.

It may be communicated to these entities for the purposes set out in this information notice. These operations are carried out on the basis of instruments which comply with the applicable regulations and effectively ensure your rights are protected and respected.

5. Transfers of your data

The processing does not involve the transfer of data outside the European Union (except for very specific and targeted transfers to our sister companies in the USA and the UK) concerning our prospects, customers and suppliers.

As regards our communication activities, and in particular our website, publications may be accessible outside the European Union due to their presence on the Internet.

6. Automated processing

The processing operations do not involve automated decision-making.

7. Compulsory or optional nature of data collection and consequences in the event of non-provision of data

The provision of data by the person concerned, or by a third party, with the exception of personal data related to the purposes of carrying out a customer satisfaction survey and communication operations, is compulsory for the management of the purposes, and for the employer to meet their obligations provided for by the applicable texts and the contract or agreement linking the person concerned to the company.

As for the purposes of conducting a customer satisfaction survey and carrying out communication operations:

  • The data collected during the customer satisfaction survey, during browsing to determine the website (including cookies) and social media audience and the use of online services is optional. The same applies to the collection of data from third parties who have agreed to receive the newsletter, commercial offers or press releases; and
  • Data collected for other purposes must be collected, unless otherwise specified in the relevant form (e.g. phone number).

8. Periods of time we keep your data for

Data relating to suppliers, customers and prospects is not kept longer than required for the purposes of its processing and within the limits of the applicable limitation periods.

Suppliers, customers or prospects that have been inactive for two years are put on hold;

  • Data on the preparation of publications (orders, follow-up and editorial content) is kept for five years from the date of publication;
  • Data collected via contact forms is kept for a maximum of five years from the date of receipt unless the person concerned has consented to be included in a database of subscriptions offered (newsletter and commercial offers);
  • The data collected to supply the subscription databases is not kept longer than required for the purposes of its processing and within the limits of the applicable limitation periods. The ELIXENS team gets back in touch with customers and prospects who have been inactive for three years (i.e. who have not placed any orders or had any other interaction with the company) by email to ask them if they wish to continue to appear in the newsletter or commercial offer databases they have subscribed to;
  • Log data is kept for a maximum of six months; and
  • The data required to produce statistics on the audience and use of online services is kept for twenty-six months in a format that does not allow people to be identified by their IP address.
9. General description of technical and organisational security measures

Security measures are implemented in accordance with the company’s information systems security policy.

  • Supplier and customer or prospect data is accessed via ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), accessible only to authorised personnel with a personal password.
  • Concerning the newsletter and commercial offers:
    1) Subscriptions are done via the website by ticking boxes not previously ticked in the contact form. Third parties who tick these boxes are added to the database corresponding to their subscription and receive grouped mailings sent using marketing software for sending grouped emails. They can unsubscribe at any time via a web link at the bottom of each email.
    2) Subscription on proposal: an Elixens employee can also send an email to customers and prospects who may be interested in these services. If the customers confirm that they want to subscribe to one of these services, they will also be included in the above databases. They can also unsubscribe at any time via a link at the bottom of each email.
  • As regards press contacts: the recipients of press releases (journalists specialising in the company’s field of activity) are informed in each email that they can request to no longer receive content from the company by replying with an email worded to that effect.
  • Concerning data collected via our social media pages: people who have shown an interest in the ELIXENS page (subscription to the page or interaction) may be contacted by a member of the ELIXENS team via this same social network to find out whether they wish to talk to a sales representative or subscribe to one of the above services (newsletter/commercial offers).
10. Your rights

You can exercise your rights by sending an email to the following address: or by post to the following address: Carole ABDELLI, ELIXENS France, Ecosite, 428 rue Brunelle, 26400 EURRE.

To do so, you must clearly indicate your surname(s) and first name(s) and the address you would like the reply to be sent to.

Your rights are as follows:

  • Right to object (except for the purposes of a legal obligation or contract): you have the right to object to the processing of personal data about you when the processing is in the legitimate interests of the data controller.

In case of direct communication, this right can be exercised by any means, including by clicking on the 'unsubscribe links at the bottom of the communications sent;

  • Right to access and rectify your data: you can ask us to rectify or complete your personal data if it is incorrect, incomplete, ambiguous or out of date;
  • Right to erasure (right to be forgotten): you can ask us to erase your personal data for one of the following reasons:
    1) Your personal data is no longer needed in view of the original purposes of collecting or otherwise processing it; 
    2) You withdraw your previously issued consent;
    3) You object to the processing of your personal data if there is no legal ground for such processing;
    4) The processing of personal data does not comply with the provisions of the applicable laws and regulations;
  • Right to restriction of processing: you may request the processing of your personal data be restricted in the cases provided for by the legislation and regulations;
  • Right to withdraw consent: persons who have consented to the use of their data may withdraw that consent at any time. We will then stop processing your personal data without questioning the previous operations you have consented to; and
  • The right to lodge a complaint with the competent supervisory authority, without prejudice to any other administrative or judicial remedy.

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