Dauphiné-Provence sector

A fair-trade and exclusive partnership with organic farmers

This exclusive partner offers a wide aromatic range that is respectful of the planet. Our products can be traced back to the plant and we can allow you to anticipate your needs based on the crops.

We offer essential oils, hydrolats or floral waters and dry plants from this sector.

A few figures

Almost 30

years of experience

 in organic farming for our cooperative of producers


years of experience

in organic farming for Elixens



of fair-trade certification



in the Dauphiné-Provence region


plant species





Exceptional land

A light and scented area of land, with a mixture of Mediterranean and Alpine influences, Provence (Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, Drôme, Ardèche and Gard) offers mild climatic conditions for growing aromatic and fragrant plants.

The Dauphiné-Province area includes the French departments of l’Isère, Hautes-Alpes and Drôme. This area enjoys varied landscapes, alpine summits and harsh Mediterranean planes.

The SICA Bio-Plantes

Elixens consistently and exclusively works with around fifty farmers in the Dauphiné-Provence region through SICA Bio Plantes, a farmers’ cooperative. 36 species of fragrant, aromatic and medicinal plants across almost 300 hectares are grown entirely using organic farming practices.

To obtain this high plant quality, local organic farmers implement sophisticated but natural techniques. Their knowledge of plant cycles and the relations between plant species makes sure that local biodiversity and the quality of water, land and the region’s landscapes are respected.

The involvement of Elixens

Elixens has made sure that they have lots of services, agronomic advice, techniques and production support at their disposal. Elixens follows market trends and guides and organises the plantations accordingly.

We buy all our productions within the framework of a 5-year commitment. Prices are discussed and updated annually with farmers. Our involvement is direct but also profit-driven within the cooperative. Secure, daily work carried out efficiently with the farmers ensures them a long-term guarantee.


Partnership with Terre d'Horizon

The horticultural institute of Romans, Terre d'Horizon is our first nursery supplier for our partner farmers' seedlings.

Here, we counsel farmers on selection for varieties of plants best adapted to their local soil constraints and our customer’s needs. These regular exchanges between Elixens, the institute and the farmers allow optimum quality control of the plants as well as the adaptation of new species.

Drôme, the organic farming trailblazer

SICA Bio Plantes and Elixens France are situated in Drôme, on the border with the Alpes and Provence. Drôme benefits from surprising biological diversity. Since the 1970s, the cultivation of organic fragrant, aromatic and medicinal plants has been developed in Drôme with, since the beginning, the establishment of a sustainable development process across all of the links in the chain (producers, transformers, even buyers). This department is also home to the Biovalley, a significant rural European area for sustainable development.

Classed as one of the first organic departments in France in terms of farming, Drôme remains a pioneering area.

Approved and certified products

Our products from SICA Bio Plantes have been certified with Biopartenaire® status since 2009. Obtaining this label requires a combination of fair trade and organic farming.

Our product range also includes COSMOS status, a certification which values the use of cosmetic ingredients made from organic farming.

In addition, some of our products are also certified as Authentic Provence. This certificate means that that the ingredient was grown and transformed on Provençal land, which is an undeniable promotional advantage.

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