The Elixens story is first and foremost the story of a French family

" We are passionate people who over the years have built an independent and sustainable business. A company that has expert knowledge of each step in the production chain, from growing fragrant plants to delivering our products internationally.

We produce and market cosmetic, aromatic and perfume ingredients for professionals. We have chosen to focus our work in traceable industries that respect the planet.

The core of our business is located in the French department of Drôme, across several sites complete with international teams and installations. As one of the main producers of essential oils, hydrosols and aromatic specialties, we also benefit from our strong experience in organic farming. We provide specific support to your projects and a large range of quality natural ingredients, with a strong commitment to sustainable development.

So, let’s share what nature inspires! "

Carole ABDELLI, President / Jean-Pascal ABDELLI, Director

Elixens's President and Director

Key dates


The start of the adventure

At first, the company starts in the pharmaceutical and aromatic chemicals sectors. Integrating other skills (perfumed aromas and compositions) over the years then provides our teams with varied and well-researched industry knowledge.  


Aromatic raw materials

Elixens develops the production and marketing of raw aromatic materials with the takeover of the Adrian company, a leader in raw aromatic materials for over 70 years.


Essential oils expertise

The company Agipal also joins the group, with strong experience in essential oils and 100% pure and natural ingredients since 1962, particularly in the cosmetics market.


Sustainable industries

The raw materials department of the Sanoflore laboratory, committed to organic materials since 1972 thanks to an exclusive sector in the Dauphiné-Provence area in the south of France, focusing on organic farming and fair trade, joins the company. Elixens consolidates its expertise in the agricultural sector and continues in its commitment to developing sustainable industries.


Centralization in Drôme region

Elixens France unites all of its industrial and technical development facilities in Drôme onto a newly established site, in the heart of its sector in the Dauphiné-Provence area and close to its agricultural distillery in Eygluy-Escoulin. Another partner is established with Sri-Lanka, for the development of organic and fair trade ingredients. 


Quality certification and online shop

Elixens has obtained ISO 22000 certification on the new production site in Eurre (France). This certification attests to the high-quality processes and control of food risks. The same year, Elixens launched its online store for small packages. Limited to professionals again and french market at the moment, this new offer helps to limit waste.


Publication of our new ethics and CSR charter

This year, Elixens France is publishing its new Ethics and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) charter. This important document sets out the company's values and was drawn up in collaboration with customers, suppliers, partners and employees. Consult it now to discover the values and ethical commitments of Elixens France.

Ethics & CSR Charter - Elixens France application/pdf - 2.99 MB

Awarded the highest Ecovadis distinction: The Platinum Medal

This year, Elixens France obtained the highest Ecovadis distinction on the CSR questionnaire: the Platinum medal. The company is now among the top 1% of companies that answered the same questionnaire for the year 2022-2023. A representative label that attests to the sincerity and robustness of Elixens France's commitment to many ethical criteria. 

Key figures (2022)



Elixens is made up of 3 subsidiaries: Elixens France, Elixens America and Elixens UK

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a close-knit group


million euros

Elixens group's


of Elixens France’s turnover

was made in organic products


of Elixens France’s turnover

was made internationally 


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