From the field in Dauphiné Provence - Spring and Summer 2024

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Edito Jean Pascal Abdelli

« The agricultural world is in crisis. Consumers across Europe are overwhelmingly supporting farmers.

At a time when we have had to vote on the future of Europe, the rejection of administrative and regulatory burdens and over-transposition has never been so strong. Never has common sense been so forgotten by our political representatives and administrations.

Our farmers are suffering and our businesses are suffering as a result.

You will unfortunately find several illustrations of this in the June 2024 issue of "From the field in Dauphiné Provence".

Despite this, the products we work with enjoy a powerful appeal. Our employees and partners fight every day to overcome the obstacles we face, in order to offer formulators in our various business sectors high-quality ingredients that respect people and the environment.

We hope you find the latest information useful for your decision-making.

Enjoy your reading of our purchasing campaigns! »

Jean-Pascal ABDELLI, Managing director of Elixens France

General background on aromatic plants

Weather analysis

The weather is one of our main concerns because it has a direct impact on the harvests.
We give you our feedback from the last few months and we share insights on future forecasts within our production area (South-Eastern France).

Dauphiné – Provence : A rainy, mild spring

binage par moutons

Incessant precipitation in early winter reduced planting opportunities for cereals and certain medicinal plants, such as coriander and chamomile.

Mild winter temperatures and the prolonged absence of frost favored the continued growth of weeds, complicating spring weeding operations.

Spring was also very rainy, allowing water reserves to be replenished, but delaying mechanized operations in the fields.

In March, some localities recorded three times more precipitation than normal, and April and May were also very wet, delaying the first cuttings for herbalism and distillation.

However, Elixens' partner farmers have implemented soil conservation techniques to take action despite the capricious weather, such as animal weeding, mulch planting to limit tillage and the use of inter-row cover crops to limit erosion and improve soil bearing capacity.

Parfums Provence Ventoux

The weather was mild, with good water conditions but a rainy spring, delaying the emergence of lavender and lavandin buds by 10 to 15 days, making it difficult to assess the flowering period ahead. Plot surveys show a drop in lavender and lavandin acreage, more pronounced for lavender.

Lavandin market

In the autumn, we noted a reduction in lavandin acreage, which has been confirmed by recent CIHEF data, i.e. a reduction of around 2,500 ha. Despite the crisis, replanting has tempered the effect of uprooting. The CIHEF is now clearly announcing that the crisis will last for several years, and the reduction in cultivated areas could worsen. Consumption levels remain uncertain, and ingredient companies are suffering from reduced activity on the part of their customers and difficulties in passing on price rises.

The duration of the crisis will depend on market recovery and the state of the post-crisis production structure. Specialized and multi-purpose lavandiculture farms will be particularly vulnerable, while those for whom lavandiculture is a diversification may be more resilient. The future of the industry is being decided right now, and the behavior of end-user customers will be decisive. Elixens France proposes medium-term contractualization to secure supplies and perpetuate traditional production structures.

Lavandes et lavandins

Rose, Orange Brazil and Alpha Bisabolol

Orange du Brésil

Roses: North Africa and Bulgaria

Climatic conditions have not been optimal for the rose harvest. In the Maghreb, very wet conditions have heavily affected the harvest, while in Bulgaria, the campaign started several weeks ahead of schedule and looks set to be short. It is still too early to announce prices and quantities.


Brazilian oranges

The market remains tense, with quantities forecast to remain low for the next Brazilian harvest due this summer. For more details, please consult the Autumn 2023 market report.


Alpha Bisabolol

This sector remains stable overall. Alpha Bisabolol, derived from the essential oil of the Candeia tree, is produced using an environmentally-friendly process. Candeia's sustainable management and commitment to Brazil's biodiversity enable our customers to strengthen their sustainability credentials.

Elixens France

The 2023 vintage is distinguished by a stagnant economic performance for ELIXENS, but with a solid societal and environmental performance. Despite a difficult economic context, Elixens has :

- Maintained a protective social policy for its employees, by expanding its workforce and supporting purchasing power.
- Met its contractual commitments with suppliers and set up specific action plans with customers to adapt to the economic situation.
- Pursued its environmental policy, notably by reducing the carbon impact of agricultural production.

Elixens received no complaints from its customers about the bacteriological quality of its hydrolats and floral waters in 2023. We hope you will benefit from our expertise and rigor in your orders or new projects in 2024. We look forward to hearing from you!



Rapport de marché

The year 2023 was marked by significant climatic and economic challenges for farmers and producers in the Dauphiné-Provence region, as well as for the lavender, rose and orange markets. Despite these difficulties, soil conservation strategies and support measures have helped to limit negative impacts and ensure a degree of resilience.

Elixens France has distinguished itself through its commitment to social and environmental responsibility, maintaining a protective social policy and responsible sourcing while adapting its strategies in collaboration with its partners. This proactive and supportive approach reflects our determination to sustain our supply chains and secure our customers' supplies, despite economic uncertainties.

As we look to the future, it is crucial that we continue to strengthen our sustainable practices and support farms through strategic collaborations. Together, we can overcome today's challenges and contribute to the sustainability of our agricultural sectors, while respecting the environment and ensuring the quality of our products.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss new projects, we invite you to contact us.

Together, let's prepare for the future with confidence and determination!

Rapport de marché automne 2023

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