What are the guarantees for a product mentioned "Made in France"?

The Made in France trade show recently closed its doors with an even greater success than last year: 1000 exhibitors were present for more than 100 000 visitors. A considerable evolution since its creation in 2012 when the first edition counted 70 exhibitors for 15 000 visitors.

Several surveys show the sensitivity of the French people to the manufacturing countries of origin of the goods they purchase and the support given to French companies withing a specific geographical area. One of their concern is the assurance of respect for high social standards.

In this context of relocation for many industries, the “Made In France” labelling is increasingly sough after by consumers.

The indication of origin, like any advertising claim, must comply with the rules of the consumer code: the professional must be able to justify it and the claim must not mislead the consumer* :

  • Specific European and national rules govern the provisions for food products labelled "Made in France".
  • For non-food products marked "Made in France", industrials must respect the rules of origin laid down by the customs code of the Union and its implementing regulations. Customs rules make it possible to establish the origin of a product when it integrates production factors from several countries (components, raw materials...). The product then takes the origin of the country where it underwent its last substantial transformation.

* : Made in France: the new preferred purchasing criterion of the French. DGCCRF

Private labels can complete the information on the product. Industrials wishing to enhance the value and visibilityof their products on the market voluntarily adhere to a label or a collective mark. They are subject to certification audits carried out by certification bodies.

The action of the DGCCRF (French fraud fighting body) is essential to protect consumers from misleading claims and companies involved into French production. Its mission is to ensure the control of labelling on the basis of the Consumer Code and to repress professionals in a fraudulent situation. Regarding labelled products, the DGCCRF completes the control of the origin by verifying the reality of the membership to the label and the existence of controls or audits carried out by a certifying body on member companies.

For example, in 2021, its services conducted a national survey of 1,013 establishments, including online sales sites, to verify the veracity of claims on the origin of non-food products, whether national ("Made in France") or more local ("Made in Brittany" for example). This survey targeted several sectors, from jewelry to eyewear, including cosmetics, textiles, furniture, but also masks and hydroalcoholic gels given the context of the health crisis. The inspection revealed 15% of anomalies among the professionals inspected, resulting in 87 warnings, 54 compliance orders, 2 administrative fines and 14 criminal fines for deceptive commercial practices regarding the origin of products.

Thus, being able to highlight a production origin, particularly for sectors that do not have a protected geographical indication or a controlled designation of origin, is becoming a key element. Being able to do so in a simple, credible and affordable way is just as important.

Authentic Provence is an association and a collective brand created in 2013 to gather industrials from the food and cosmetic industries in order to promote products grown, designed and manufactured in Provence. It has developed a simple but rigorous reference system guaranteeing, thanks to the Authentic Provence label, the Provencal origin of ingredients and finished products, an undeniable promotional asset.

This certified brand aims to promote the quality and art of living in Provence of ingredients and products designed, grown, processed and packaged in Provence (PACA, Drôme, Ardèche and Gard).

Agriculture biologique plantation

If you want to differentiate yourself in a credible way on your market and promote the tradition and know-how of Provence, then adopt the Authentic Provence label now!

Learn more about the Authentic Provence label

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