Health & Well Being

Development and expertise

The R&D department is an engine of growth which is completely integrated into our companies.

Our team includes:

  • an agronomist who can study your requests concerning the cultivation of new species in France or abroad (Mediterranean climate in the south-east of France, continental climate in the Ukraine and tropical climate in the Comoros)
  • an experienced herbalist who can develop new herbal tea recipes or preparations.
  • a purchasing department which can source and supply organic raw materials that cannot be produced locally.
We guarantee the botanical identification and traceability of the batches and the conformity of the batches in terms of pesticide residue and microbiological standards. The products and processes comply with requirements laid down in EEC Regulation 834/2007 on organic production.

Our own produce bears the Organic Solidarity label which certifies our ethical partnership and solidarity with farmers.

Teams & Tools

Specialised farmers are equipped with drying ovens for the optimal desiccation of plants and the conservation of active and aromatic ingredients.

The Crest site of Elixens France, located in the heart of the production area, has:

• a storage site suitable for plants with a freezing room to control pests
• a fully-equipped workshop to cut, sort, sieve and mix the plants
• a small quality control laboratory to check that the particle sizes are compliant.
The analyses are carried out by outside laboratories which are independent and certified.

The production of herbal teas:

Our workshop is equipped to prepare, cut and sieve plants of between 0.5 and 2 mm in size. This fragmentation is ideal for infusions and we can blend different ingredients to make complex herbal teas.

In the field of aromatic raw materials, the group Elixens has:

• several distillation columns to produce essential oils by steaming (continuous distillation) on the sites in Comoros, Ukraine and Vercors,
• extraction plants to produce concretes on the same sites,
• tanks for combining and blending to homogenise and prepare the orders,
• continuous filtration and centrifuge machines,
• continuous filling lines for packaging (from 500 kg to 15,000 kg),
• drying ovens for solids and pastes,
• distillation towers for the rectification and deterpenation process.

The quality of our productions is scrupulously ensured by laboratories equipped with high-tech tools: to test colours, measure physical properties (density, refraction index, rotary power), measure chemical properties (acid index, peroxide index, phenol concentration, aldehyde concentration, ester concentration), gas chromatography and mass spectrometry.
Altogether, there are about one hundred people working in the team producing and constantly improving your raw materials.

Our specific offering

For health related industries 

Aromatic and medicinal plants in all their forms (whole, in different presentations: cut for herbal teas, coarsely cut, in powdered form, etc.)

We are producers:

Elixens France belongs to a group of aromatic and medicinal plant producers whose whole production is grown according to organic farming methods. The group is comprised of 50 producers in Provence and Dauphiné who grow or cut 35 species (whole plants, leaves, flowers, seeds, fruits or roots)
Elixens also has a subsidiary in the Comoros which produces spices according to organic farming methods.
New plants can be developed by our agronomic department which sets up diversification testing and cultivates new varieties.

We transform raw materials:

The plants grown are harvested, cleaned, dried and sorted.
These raw materials are stored, prepared according to orders and then packed in bulk in big-bags, polypropylene bags or brown paper bags.
The quantities can vary from tons to kilograms.
These materials can be cut or crushed into sizes of between 300 µm and several cm depending on the end use.

For well-being related activities

For aromatherapy, 100% pure and natural essential oils are organically produced on our own land, thus ensuring traceability (ECOCERT council regulation 834/2007 of 28 June 2007 and USDA NOP). We offer a very wide range of products: from compounds made in France to essential oils from Eastern Europe and the Comoros.
Elixens France holds a strategic position in the distillation of essential oils through its distillery located in southern Vercors dedicated to the production of essential oils and organic hydrolats, through Elixens’ production subsidiaries in the Indian Ocean and in Eastern Europe and through partnerships with local producers throughout the world. Elixens France can thus offer a wide range of 100% pure and natural, organic and traditionally-farmed essential oils: Products from Provence, Citrus fruits and their derivatives, Products from the Indian Ocean, Eastern Europe, Specialities (allergen-light essences, water soluble essences, concretes, absolutes).
Elixens France also offers essential oil complexes, organic and conventional vegetable oils/hydrolats/floral water and organic herb product specialities.

Health & Well-being 

 You are:

•    a creator of herbal teas
•    a marketing manager in health & well-being products (SPA, Aromatherapy)
•    a pharmacist
•    an R&D researcher – health laboratory
•    Buyers of aromatic or medicinal raw materials in the form of dried plants and/or Essential Oils

We can offer you aromatic or medicinal plants that meet your specific requirements. The quality of our raw materials and our blends is based on our control of the original sources of production (our own production in France and in the Comoros, imported directly from producers).