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Herb products

For thousands of years, peoples’ lives have been influenced by the use of medicinal plants. From generation to generation, nature has generously provided them with plant remedies to ensure their physical and mental well-being. As long ago as 4000 BC, Sumerians inscribed the first plant remedy formulas on clay plates in the Middle East. The Egyptians (2700 BC) made aromatic products such as fragrant oils and waters and cosmetic dressings for body care and embalming. The Greeks and Romans also used a lot of aromatic products. Even then, Hippocrates recommended essential oils for their curative properties.

Nowadays, the curative properties of plants are attracting more and more consumers concerned about their health and well-being. To meet this demand, we have developed a line of dried plants and essences to be used in aromatherapy for their antiseptic properties (antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and pesticidal), for indoor hygiene (prevention and treatment of infectious diseases), for beauty treatments, for relaxation, etc.

Our natural herb products comply with Ecocert and USDA NOP specifications.

In the Drôme (in the heart of France), our raw material suppliers are farmers of the Sica Bioplantes cooperative, France’s leading producer of Organic medicinal and aromatic plants. This represents 30 different plant species cultivated on 400 hectares of land free from chemical pesticides, fertilizers or weed-killers. The soil is nourished with compost made from straw from the distillery. Everything produced by Sica Bioplantes is certified by Ecocert and USDA NOP.

ELIXENS France is committed to complying with EC regulations (EEC Regulation 2092/91) and French regulations on organic production methods. 

*Only products mentioning ECOCERT certification - code "FR-BIO-01" are in effect considered ORGANIC.