Hydrosols/ floral waters

Organic calendula floral water 5%

  • European organic farming logo
  • Cosmos certified
  • Biopartenaire fair trade and organic
  • Made in France

The common name of this orange bud comes from the Latin "solsequier" which means "which follows the sun". Indeed it opens and closes at sunrise and sunset. Known for its great soothing power, calendula or marigold is very popular in the Mediterranean region, as it has been used since the Middle Ages to relieve insect bites.

Our commitments

Calendula is grown in Dauphiné-Provence by our partner farmers under fair trade and organic methods.

  • Olfactive notes : Floral, sweet

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  • Packaging : 60 kg, 220 kg, 1000 kg
Main features
Aromatherapy, Cosmetic, Perfumery
Botanical name
Calendula officinalis l.
Botanical family
Calendula officinalis flower water
CAS number
Country of origin
Plant part used
Flowering aerial top
Organic farming, Cosmos, Fair-trade
100% pure and natural
Regulatory notices
A fully traceable calendula floral water.
Material safety data
Consult our sheets on Quick FDS
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The ally of fragile, irritated skins, with atopic tendency. The essential ingredient in your softness care and anti-redness formulas. Various options for each floral water.

  • Cos'Ing
    Fragrance / perfuming / refreshing / tonic
  • Cosmetic function
  • Cosmetic properties
    Anti-inflammatory, soothing

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