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Organic juniper essential oil

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  • Authentic Provence
  • Biopartenaire fair trade and organic
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  • Made in France

The juniper tree originates from the Balkans. In France, it can be found in the Rhone valley and in Provence. The famous Sebastian Kneipp first prescribed juniper berries in the 19th century to purify the blood and relieve skin diseases.

Our commitments

Juniper is harvested in Dauphiné-Provence by our partner farmers under fair trade and organic methods.

  • Olfactive notes : Woody, resinous, balsamic
  • Tasting notes : Pepper, fresh

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  • Packaging : 5 kg, 25 kg
Main features
Food, Aromatherapy, Cosmetic, Perfumery
Botanical name
Juniperus communis linnaeus
Botanical family
Juniperus communis branch/fruit/leaf extract
CAS number
Country of origin
Plant part used
Berries and branches
From october to march
Processing method
Steam distillation
Organic farming, Authentic provence, Fair-trade, Nmpa
100% pure and natural
Regulatory notices
The distillation of berries and twigs produces a rich and complex essential oil.
Material safety data
Consult our sheets on Quick FDS
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Our essential oil comes from a shrub which spontaneously grows in the mountains of the Vercors. This resinous plant develops a note reminiscent of turpentine. It is particularly suitable for heavy legs. It is also used in drinks as a reminder of Gin.

  • Cos'Ing
    Skin conditioning
  • Cosmetic function
  • Cosmetic properties
    Anti-inflammatory, decongestant

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