CSR report 2019-2020

After signing a CSR charter last October, Elixens France is carrying out an initial assessment of its social and environmental actions for 2019-2020.

After moving to Eurre in June 2019, Elixens France signed its CSR charter (Corporate Social Responsibility) in October 2019.

This charter was an opportunity to highlight the societal and environmental commitments implemented a long time ago. It has allowed us to establish new goals and improvement plans while integrating our production unit closer to our fields.

One year later, Elixens-France wanted to share these results with its employees, customers, partners and suppliers through a 2019-2020 CSR report. Our CSR action plan and our indicators have been fulfilled at 90%.

This review was also an opportunity for us to define new action plans with great projects coming up in the following years.

Have a good reading!

Download the CSR report 2019-2020 application/pdf - 2.47 MB
Sustainable aromatic raw materials: CSR charter

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