Sunny exchanges in the heart of the Ventoux with our partner: the Parfums Provence Ventoux cooperative!

As part of the Elixens France and Elixens US teams, we had the privilege to spend a radiant day together with our partner, the Parfums Provence Ventoux cooperative. This immersive experience was much more than just a day's work: it was a true discovery of the treasures of this region and the cultivation of aromatic and fragrant plants, a culture we are pleased to promote. 

From a tour of their top-quality facilities to the discovery of partner distilleries and a refreshing escapade on Mount Ventoux, each moment was marked by the commitment and passion of the team.

Elixens dans la lavande du Ventoux

The Parfums Provence Ventoux cooperative

The Parfums Provence Ventoux cooperative was created in 1989 and includes 167 producers who cultivate 3900 hectares of lands spreaded through the regions of Gard, Drôme, Ardèche, Vaucluse and Alpes de Haute-Provence.

The cooperative assembles, controls and markets their productions of Lavandin, Lavender and Clary Sage Essential Oils. The Cooperative is strongly anchored in the history of the Plateau of Sault and the “Pays du Mont Ventoux”. PPV has a history anda know-how that perpetuates a local cultural and economic heritage. They have built relationships along the years with their customers based on trust and thanks to this new partnership with Elixens, PPV hopes to develop strong international positions, in the same spirit.

Champs de lavande du Ventoux

An immersion in know-how

Stockage PPV

Our journey began with a dive into the heart of the storage and quality control facilities in Sault, Vaucluse.

From the very first steps, it was clear that the team at the Parfums Provence Ventoux cooperative is driven by a deep passion for their craft.

The rigor, dedication and expertise the team invests obvious at every stage: from growing the plants to shipping the products to users.

Meet the perfume artisans

The day then turned into a series of inspiring meetings with the cooperative's grower and distiller partners.

These authentic moments offered us a concrete insight into the challenges and difficulties faced by lavender and lavandin producers in the region, through frank and open discussions that identified opportunities and possible collaborations, both nationally and internationally.

These exchanges opened up concrete prospects for the future of our collaboration.

Distillerie PPV

The crowning glory of a fine day at the summit


The icing on the cake was undoubtedly our trip to the summit of Mont Ventoux. After a fairly intense day in the July sunshine, the coolness and panoramic view overlooking the region offered us a convivial moment and a breath of fresh air to round off the day in style.


Partenariat Elixens PPV


We'd like to thank the entire team at the Parfums Provence Ventoux cooperative for their warm welcome and generosity throughout the day. Their willingness to share their passion and know-how with us was a source of inspiration and motivation to promote the products of this new collaboration.

We invite all our readers to discover more about our collaboration with this fine cooperative, by exploring the products we offer together.

Don't hesitate to contact us now to discover the cooperative's products and get a personalized quote tailored to your needs.



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