Development and expertise

Development and expertise

The R&D department is an engine of growth which is completely integrated into our companies. To express their creativity, experienced fragrance creators in the Floressence, fragrance division of Elixens group, are supported by an extremely reliable High-Tech laboratory. Moreover, they receive active support from the Evaluation/Marketing department. We are very familiar with changes to legislation and have developed a certain expertise in allergen-light products.

Our establishments have passed strict quality controls and we have received ISO 9001 certification. Safety is ensured through clearly identified products and a rigorous tracking system. State-of-the-art analytical instrumentation and control laboratories ensure the strength and stability of the formulations. Finally, our legislation department ensures that products comply with current standards.

The expertise of Floressence is based on 3 fundamental points:
• knowledge: our experience and know-how in the art of fragrance compounds has been recognised for more than 25 years
• creation: a talented team of fragrance creators and a proactive evaluation and marketing unit
• reliability: guaranteeing constant quality and a responsiveness suited to the needs of each customer.

Fragrances are systematically archived in a fragrance bank so, for each new creation, our customers have a considerable lead.
Moreover, we carry out an in-depth study on each raw material, so that we can replace it if necessary, according to any new legislation.

Finally, the company has developed a network of offices, agents and local intermediaries worldwide with which it works in a close partnership. This gives it a unique local vision of the markets and the modes of consumption.