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Teams & Tools

Teams & Tools

Using distillation columns, extraction plants and all the equipment needed to refine aromatic raw materials, our team has the know-how and experience to create your flavors.

In the field of aromatic raw materials, Elixens group has:

• several distillation columns to produce essential oils by steaming (continuous distillation) on our Ukrainian site.
• extraction plants to produce concretes also in Ukraine,
• tanks for combining and blending to homogenise and prepare the orders,
• continuous filtration and centrifuge machines,
• distillation towers for the rectification and deterpenation process.

The quality of our productions is scrupulously ensured by laboratories equipped with high-tech tools: to measure physical properties (density, refraction index, rotary power), measure chemical properties (acid index, peroxide index, phenol concentration, aldehyde concentration, ester concentration), gas chromatography and mass spectrometry.

You can count on our team, producing and constantly improving aromatic raw materials to be used in your flavoring compounds.