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Development and expertise

Development and expertise

Our team includes:

- An agronomist who can study your requests for cultivation of new species in France or abroad (Mediterranean climate of south-eastern France, continental climate of Ukraine)
- A confirmed herbalist who can establish new recipes for herbal teas or formulations.
- A purchasing service that can source and supply organic quality raw materials that can not be produced locally.

We guarantee botanical identification and batch traceability, batch compliance with pesticide residues and microbiological standards. The products and processes are certified according to the requirements of EC Regulation 834/2007 on organic farming.

The ELIXENS group's commitment to ethical and fair production

Since 2009, ELIXENS France is associated with BIOPARTENAIRE which proposes a universal fair trade approach whereas maintaining farmers in their activity represents a global stake, not only specific to world trade north-south. The agricultural world is heckled everywhere: declining productivity, speculation on commodities, market pressure, migration process. No country can today pretend not to know these phenomena. Faced with this observation, the companies involved in the BIOPARTENAIRE approach are mobilizing in France as well as internationally, to be motors of territorial development.

The label is universal today, mainly highlighting a sustainable partnership approach, and committing to it world-wide.

With regards to the Food Industry

We have always placed food safety at the heart of our concerns, in the time of our Flavors Division and after its sale, in 2017. Indeed, since 1994, our production site, Elixens France, had engaged in a voluntary approach to control the quality of its products and services. A step that resulted in obtaining the ISO 9001 certification for our quality management system in 1996, and in 2014 the hygiene and safety of your food products were guaranteed by the establishment of an ISO 22000 certification.

For the manufacture and marketing of our Aromatic Raw Materials for use in the food industry and in accordance with Regulation 178/2002 / EC laying down procedures relating to the safety of the food chain, traceability, information, notification and product tracking are scrupulously respected.
By validating the daily involvement of its staff in the prevention of food risks in the company, ELIXENS France is fully committed to the quality and safety policy of its products, conducted by the ELIXENS group for many years. The company joined a more demanding and efficient operating system, for the benefit of both its customers and its clients with:

- A global standard, accepted and recognized in many countries,
- Uniform food safety procedures, applicable worldwide,
- Improved communication with business partners based on a single audit platform,
- Better understanding and implementation of HACCP principles, helping to identify, assess and control food safety hazards, for the entire food production chain,
- A driving force to continuously implement the improvement, due to the recognized approach of the ISO management system,
- An obligation of results by leaving free choice of means,
- Continuous improvement in the control of food risks.