Teams & Tools

Teams & Tools

Using distillation columns, extraction plants and all the equipment needed to refine aromatic raw materials, Elixens teams have the know-how and experience to create your fragrances.

In the field of aromatic raw materials, Elixens group has:

• several distillation columns to produce essential oils by steaming (continuous distillation) on the sites in the Comoros and Ukraine,
• extraction plants to produce concretes on the same sites,
• tanks for combining and blending to homogenise and prepare the orders,
• continuous filtration and centrifuge machines,
• continuous filling lines for packaging (from 500 kg to 15,000 kg),
• drying ovens for solids and pastes,
• distillation towers for the rectification and deterpenation process.

The quality of our productions is scrupulously ensured by laboratories equipped with high-tech tools: to test colours, measure physical properties (density, refraction index, rotary power), measure chemical properties (acid index, peroxide index, phenol concentration, aldehyde concentration, ester concentration), gas chromatography and mass spectrometry.
Altogether, there are about one hundred people working in the team producing and constantly improving your raw materials.

Your fragrance compound requirements are managed by olfactory specialists who not only have technical knowledge about scents but who also have in-depth knowledge about markets, including current trends and emerging trends.

We attach great importance to listening and talking to our customers so a key role is played by the evaluators in charge of interpreting and decoding your requirements before passing them on to our in-house fragrance creators. While complying with your specifications and your brand’s specific values, we know how to establish a close relationship and help you develop a real fragrance strategy. The evaluation department issues a data sheet based on your brief in order to find out if there is already a fragrance that corresponds to this request or if a study needs to be carried out. Our fragrance bank contains thousands of references and is organised into fragrance families and product types. It is possible to correlate information according to multiple criteria (including the price, legislation, type of applications, etc.). Naturally, each new mission requires an adaptation of existing products but this approach allows us to save time and in practical terms it ensures that the fragrance being targeted is properly understood for a fast and effective result.

New-generation equipment with high-precision robots can develop and produce programmes suited to your requirements, from one kilogramme to several tons. Finally, our large storage capacity allows us to offer an array of solutions to suit your delivery needs.