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Our specific offer

Home care

The Elixens group ads its innovative and expert touch to promote cleanliness. Our aromatic raw materials fill the atmosphere with fresh, natural scents and make laundry smell of pure cleanliness. We combine our know-how in raw material with our customers’ technical knowledge of home care. Our overlapping skills allow us to offer essences with sanitising qualities, some of our material can also be used in Ecolabel products.

Thus, we offer:

• A range of essential oils and conventional aromatic raw materials with properties suited to a variety of applications (solvents, bactericides, astringents, disinfectants, etc.). Moreover, we have developed a range of 100% pure and natural essential oils which meet the new ECOLABEL standards. The company also offers a wide range of ECOCERT-certified products which can be used to develop a line of organic detergents. Therefore if you use our essential oils in your products, you can combine technical performance with environmental protection.

•    Detergents – washing powders, softeners
•    Household cleaners -   floor cleaners, wipes, window detergents
•    Technical products – WC tablets

Air care

Constantly striving to pursue a policy of product innovation, we keep a close marketing watch on this dynamic market which is experiencing both strong growth and profound change. Our teams will advise you how to constantly give added value and sophistication to a product through the originality of its materials so that consumers have a continually renewed sensory experience and pleasure each time they use the product.

•    Aerosols
•    Sprays,
•    Scented candles and natural diffusers
•    Electric diffusers,
•    Fragrance lamps.