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Agriculture & Ingredients

A leading player in the Organic segment

Organic farming aims to minimise the impact it has on the environment. It strives to adhere to the soil, plants and animals’ natural cycles as closely as possible. Organic farmers’ specifications, vouching for their credibility, forbid them to use synthetic chemicals or GMO and oblige them to ensure animal well-being (minimum surface areas for buildings, access to outdoors, etc.). 

On our sites in Ukraine and French Provence regions, we are developing organic-certified agricultural output. Our natural raw materials comply with Ecocert and USDA NOP equivalent specifications: essential oils of basil, neroli, petit-grain, ylang-ylang (extra, I, II and III), lavender, peppermint, sweet mint, dill, sage, orange flower water, vegetable oils, etc.

In the Drôme (in the heart of France), our raw material suppliers are farmers of the Sica Bioplantes cooperative, France’s leading producer of Organic medicinal and aromatic plants. This represents 30 different plant species cultivated on 400 hectares of land free from chemical pesticides, fertilizers or weed-killers. The soil is nourished with compost made from straw from the distillery. Everything produced by Sica Bioplantes is certified by Ecocert and equivalent USDA NOP.

*Only products mentioning ECOCERT certification - code "FR-BIO-01" are in effect considered ORGANIC.