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Organic cardamom hydrosol

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Originally from the Malabar Coast in India, cardamom also grows spontaneously in Thailand at the heart of a wet and mountainous forest called the "Chain of Cardamoms". Ancestrally known in China and India, it only reached Europe at the end of the Middle Ages.

Our commitments

Our Sri Lankan partner produces this organic cardamom hydrosol, ensuring fair trade working conditions for local farmers.

  • Olfactive notes : Spicy, hot, cardamom
  • Tasting notes : Spicy, hot, cardamom

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  • Packaging : 60 kg, 220 kg, 1000 kg
Main features
Food, Cosmetic
Botanical name
Elettaria cardamomum
Botanical family
Elettaria cardamomum seed extract
CAS number
85940-32-5 / 8000-66-6
Country of origin
Sri lanka
Plant part used
Processing method
Steam distillation
Organic farming
100% pure and natural
Regulatory notices
100% COSMOS certified hydrosol.
Material safety data
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Warm and spicy notes for your soothing treatments. It will also be appreciated in food for digestive actions. Our range of Sri Lankan products takes you through an original and exotic journey. Various options for each hydrosol.

  • Cos'Ing
    Perfuming / tonic
  • Cosmetic function
  • Cosmetic properties
    Anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, toning

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