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South America

Biodiversity of the South American Continent

Natural Alpha Bisabolol

Exceptional climatic conditions added to new regulatory constraints related to environmental protection in Brazil, were seriously impacting  raw material volumes and therefore  potentially disrupting production schedules for most cosmetic firms since 2010. In line with our philosophy of technical control of raw material, our role is primarily to keep you rapidly informed of the situation but also to seek solutions to ensure security of future supply. Striving to achieve this, we recently signed a partnership with a local producer committed to respecting constraints of the IBAMA (Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources). Our analysis further confirm that, the drying conditions having been met, the raw material available has suffered no damage in its olfactory quality. Thus, we  can announce having recovered a stock level covering a steady supply of our high quality Natural Alpha Bisabolol for our clients. The recovery of production coupled with a favorable currency also allows us to reduce tensions in pricing. Our sales and technical team is at your disposal for further information on prices and quality. Be assured that we are also available to study  supply requests for new clients.