Indian Ocean

Sensual fragrances from the Indian Ocean

Bathed in the humid air of the Comoros Archipelago in the Indian Ocean, the tropical plants exhale evocative fragrances. The island of Anjouan is filled with the scents of orange flowers, frangipani, ylang-ylang and vanilla.

This is where our subsidiary Bambao acquired and developed its expertise in the collection and production of essential oils. It now plays a major role in this market.

On its 27-hectare plantation, Bambao produces concretes from frangipani, orange flowers, vanilla and ylang-ylang.

As well as conventional essential oils, we also develop organic products certified by Ecocert for the European market and by USDA NOP for the USA, like essential oils of basil, neroli, ylang-ylang (extra, I, II and  III) and orange flower.

To process the plants, the site has a distillation facility equipped with nine 1,000-litre stills and a volatile solvent extraction facility equipped with two 400-litre extractors.

The fragrance of rose geranium

Reunion Island is a major player in fragrances and spices. The essential oils of rose geranium and vetiver produced on the island are considered to be the best in the world. The strong, sweet and slightly menthol scent of rose geraniums is similar to the scent of roses. Its essence is much appreciated in fine perfumery, it is a perfume base for cosmetics and it is used for the transformation of floral bases or fruit flavours. It is also used to make soaps and pharmaceuticals. It has numerous medicinal applications – when diluted in water, the essential oil can fight certain infections.

On Reunion Island, our partner Caheb (Agricultural Cooperative for Bourbon Vanilla Essential Oils) groups together the islands’ producers and exporters of essential oils. This cooperative produces 100% pure and natural essential oils from plants grown in the Reunion, i.e. rose geranium, vetiver and pink peppercorn.