Eastern Europe

Ukraine’s fields of clary sage

In Eastern Europe, right in the heart of Ukraine’s fertile plains, our subsidiary Eastaroma cultivates lavender, coriander, dill, sage, hyssop, mint, Artemisia, caraway, pine and other plants on 4,000 hectares of land. With its continental, temperate climate and its dark soil containing a lot of chernozem (humus), this region is particularly suitable for the cultivation of aromatic, medicinal and fragrant plants. Ukrainians have a strong tradition of herbal remedies and are very familiar with different plant varieties and the properties of each plant. They also know how to process them.

In its cultivation of aromatic plants, Eastaroma gives top priority to protecting the environment and developing local biodiversity (seed selection programme, maintaining soil fertility, manual and mechanical crop maintenance, water saving practices, optimised waste management, strict cleaning of tools used in farming, processing and packaging).

The site accommodates a continuous distillation column which is ideal for the processing of coriander or fennel seeds to make essential oils. A mobile distillation unit is used to process lavender and clary sage. An extraction plant is used to produce concretes from clary sage.

Currently our facilities can process 300 tons of plant matter per day via distillation and 200 tons of plants per day to obtain concretes via solvent extraction.