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Sustainable development

A commitment to sustainable development

On our farmlands, we develop biodiversity and we encourage regional expertise and integrated production which combines environmental protection with fair trade.

Therefore, we try to save resources and share them fairly, use the cleanest technologies, cut down on water and energy consumption and change all our employees’ consumption habits and behaviour.

In practical terms, this voluntary commitment to sustainable development is expressed in the implementation of rules of conduct established as part of the Commitment to progress signed by our Group’s subsidiaries.

All our sites are regularly inspected. No liquids or waste come out of them without having been analysed then processed.

We strive to adopt a voluntary process which ensures eco-responsible production.

Following the takeover of Sanoflore’s Raw Materials division in March 2010, which is accompanied by an exclusive partnership with Sica Bioplantes, our Group applied for sustainable / equitable (organic fair trade) label. The ELIXENS France subsidiary, monitored and controlled by ECOCERT, is authorized to attest its involvement in the BIO PARTENAIRE association, guaranteeing an organic fair trade process for a large number of its locally produced raw materials, essential oils, hydrolates and floral waters (list of products labelled BIO PARTENAIRE - FIABLE on request).