Our legislation department ensures that products comply with current standards. It processes product questionnaires and supplies certificates required for each delivery, such as:

- analysis reports,

- safety data sheets,

- technical specifications,

- purity certificate,

- naturalness certificate,

- IFRA certificate,

- certificate of compliance with the Cosmetics Directive 76/768/EEC,

- cosmetic allergens certificate - Cosmetics Directive 2003/15/EEC.

Within the framework of Reach, the European Regulation 1907/2006, we have pre-registered the chemical substances that we import or produce when quantities exceed one ton per year within the European Community.

Since 11 March 2005, cosmetics and fragrance producers must add to the list of ingredients on the secondary package, 26 molecules considered as allergens when the quantity present exceeds a certain threshold. This obligation shows the most visible effects of the 7th amendment of the Cosmetics Directive 2003/15/EC. To respond to our customers’ concerns, we offer a selection of essential oils with naturally low levels and a range of Allergen-light fragrances (camomile, geranium, lavandin, lavender) with levels re-worked and lowered to reach very attractive levels. Thanks to these raw materials with low levels of allergenic substances, we develop fragrance compounds that do not require further labelling.

We have also been granted Bio Ecocert certification for our fragrance compounds. Thus, we are committed to complying with EC regulations (EEC Regulation 2092/91) and French regulations on organic production methods.

In application of Article R1342-3 of the French Code of Public Health: Hazardous substances. Comply with special handling precautions