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Air fresheners and detergents

Indoor fragrances reveal a house’s soul. Our fruity, sweet, zen and floral fragrances for candles, sprays, diffusers and indoor air fresheners wrap the house in subtle scents. We compose specific notes for all types of diffusers and carefully study the fragrance solutions best suited to our customers’ product concepts.

Our scents for household cleaners, detergents, washing powders and liquids and fabric softeners give a fresh and exotic feeling to our everyday gestures. Used to working under strict price constraints, our experienced team always finds effective solutions suited to all requirements.

We use our expertise for all applications, selecting essential oils and aromatic raw materials according to their different properties: solvents, bactericides, astringents, disinfectants, etc. We have also developed a range of 100% pure and natural essential oils which meet Ecolabel standards and can supply a wide range of Ecocert-certified ingredients. We also make fragrances with our certified raw materials so we provide fragrance solutions that can be used in the composition of Ecocert products. Therefore, by using our essential oils and fragrance compounds in their finished products, our customers can combine technical performance with environmental protection.