Body hygiene


We develop gentle, original scents for a moment of pure sensory pleasure. With their sensuous, fresh, stimulating or relaxing notes, our fragrances bring out the whole dimension of our customers’ body hygiene products. The body is bathed in a gentle caress of well-being.

Our fragrance bank contains a wide selection of scents suitable for hair care, shower gel, soap and bubble bath. We offer turnkey solutions at very competitive prices and also develop products that specifically meet our customers’ requirements.

For feminine hygiene and children’s hygiene, our laboratories use all their know-how to develop non-irritating fragrances containing very few or no allergenic substances. We also provide fragrances specially formulated for shaving and hair removal.

The “green” movement is also one of our primary concerns. In this context, our fragrance creators are studying and developing fragrances which are 100% natural.