Reducing lavender carbon footprint

On March 13, Jean-Pascal ABDELLI, Elixens France managing director signed our involvement in the « Green & Lavenders » program with Eric Chaisse, General coordinator of the endowment fund "Safeguarding of Lavender Heritage in Provence" (SPLP Fund). The signing occured during the Biovallée association’s Aromatic and medicinal plants conference. This association aims to promote sustainable development through enriching local networks.

A 3-year commitment from Elixens with a financial participation and technical monitoring on natural vegetable covers around the plants to protect better the soil and the plant. « Green & lavenders » is a project initiated by the SPLP Fund with the Agricultural Chamber of the Drôme (public authority). The goal is to optimize the life cycle of lavender, while at the same time reducing the lavender’s carbon footprint though; adapting cultivation, distillation, and harvesting techniques in addition to decreasing CO2 emissions and fossil fuel consumption by 50% in the lavender and lavandin sectors by 2029

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