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Bringing together the industrial and technical development resources, Elixens France is getting closer to the fields, at the heart of our organic and fair-trade partnership in Provence-Dauphiné.

Drôme’s team joined a new industrial building of 7 170 sq yd located on 7,4 ac of land.

A total investment of nearly €3M million enabled the acquisition of the building and its development. The modernization and development of industrial tools are carried out by local companies until the end of 2019.

Our teams are ensuring, as always, high-quality customer service during the whole process. They are also looking forward to offering you new products, especially on the natural, organic and fair-trade sides.  

The mallow Malva sylvestris L. is a perennial plant, native to Europe. We currently grow mallow in the South of France (Drôme). Maryline’s field is less than 40 km (25 miles) from our production site and our distillery.

We produce 5% certified organic floral water (22,5% PPAI organic). This pretty purple flower with soothing, emollient properties and a faint floral note will be perfect for your softness formulas. The plant can also be dried for herbal teas and used for respiratory properties.

The harvest is from June to September. We highly recommend that you make your reservations before January for large volumes of floral waters or dried plants. We can then organize the plantations and supply you with the product in 2020.

Download the organic floral mallow sheet

On our booth in Seoul, from June 26 to 28, Laetitia LAVERAN, technical manager and Brigitte FRISON, sales manager, welcomed Korean cosmetics brands. Customers were particularly aware of the issues of allergens in cosmetics. Elixens has been able to offer a range of solutions such as allergen-deficient essential oils, hydrolats and some specialties like supremes.

The Elixens group is pleased to provide our analysis of the recent french lavender and lavandin harvest in july: a fast-growing sector. To anticipate the market price in September 2019, we point out some key factors influencing the market.

Download the report

Visitors are exploring the "Worldwide New Trend" at CITE JAPAN this week. Organised by the Federation of Japanese Cosmetic Ingredients Associations and The Society of Cosmetic Chemists of Japan, the 9th CITE (Cosmetic Ingredients and Technology Exhibition) has opened on Wednesday May 15th at the Pacifico Yokohama.

ELIXENS France is showcasing its Organic productions of Essential Oils and Floral Waters. Sales Manager Brigitte FRISON and Development Manager Laetitia LAVERAN welcome customers on stand B2-5.

Cosmetic Ingredients and Technology Exhibition Japan - welcome to CITE JAPAN 2019 !

Taking place in Yokohama, Japan, from the 15th to the 17th of May, this is the place to meet for international professionals of the cosmetics industry. Cosmetics ingredients and manufacturing technologies will be highlighted with professional experts from all over the world taking an active part in this exhibition.

Our ELIXENS France collegues will be present at the trade show co-working with distributor on their stand B2-5.

Meet with Brigitte FRISON - Area Sales Manager, and Laetitia LAVERAN - Aromatic Raw Material Development Manager.

(Link here to CITE JAPAN website)

The ELIXENS Group is eager to see you in SEOUL!
Meet us Stand f74 

elixens france logo qpetitCome and experience ELIXENS FRANCE natural raw material and ask for technical documentation on our Hydrolates & Floral waters. Be sure to inquire on cosmetic formulations using our extracts. Don't forget to get a copy of our latest catalog of Certified Organic 100% natural Essential Oils.

For more information please click here / cliquez ici - link to the event website.

Du 5 au 6 juin prochain se tiendra le 14ème Salon International des Matières Premières Pour la Parfumerie, à Paris, porte de Champerret.

Comme chaque année impaire, en alternance avec le WPC, la Société Française des Parfumeurs met en contact direct les créateurs de parfum et les producteurs de matières premières.

ELIXENS France sera présente avec une large palette d'huiles essentielles, absolues et matières premières spécifiques pour la parfumerie. Venez nous retrouver Stand N° B4 - nos collaborateurs vous recevront, avec ou sans rendez-vous.

Personal Care and Homecare Ingredients (PCHi) trade show in Guangzou, China, just closed its doors after 3 days of intense affluence!
Our ELIXENS France collegues participated co-working with CDLUNION on their stand 3L66.
It was, as usual, a great experience to meet with old and new customers. See you nex year!

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(Link here to PCHi website)

AUTHENTIC PROVENCE is an association and a collective brand created in 2013 in order to bring together the stakeholders in the cosmetics industry and to boost and support the products that are grown, designed, manufactured, and packaged in Provence (Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region and the adjacent departments of Drôme, Ardèche and Gard).

We notably share convictions like support for our region’s economy by favouring short local channels, developing a local supply chain of raw plant materials, consolidating our local processing facilities and according great value to sustainable development of our lands as well as the traceability of our raw materials. It therefore seemed natural to us to adhere to this association. ELIXENS FRANCE is now taking the necessary steps to obtain the AUTHENTIC PROVENCE label for its French productions.

For more information click here -> AP-Flyer

Nos produits de la Drôme à l'honneur

Lancement d'une nouvelle tisane, de la référence Thym doux de la Drôme par la maison PAGÉS - Maison d’infusions et de thé depuis 1859, située au Puy-en-Velay, au cœur de l’Auvergne. Leur produits sont disponibles en Grandes Surfaces.

Le directeur et l’équipe de l'entreprise PAGÉS étendent leur remerciements aux équipes de la SICA BIOPLANTES et d'ELIXENS. PAGÉS est très content de l’accueil par les distributeurs de ce nouveau produit. Le gout subtil et puissant de notre thym linalol a été très apprécié.

L'entreprise mise sur la traçabilité, le local et l’équitable, comme on pourra le remarquer sur le blog en lien. Cliquez ici -> PAGÉS
Following the public announcement dated last June 13th, ELIXENS SA has finalised the sale of its shares in its subsidiary FLORESSENCE as of October 3rd, to the holding company of CREATIONS & PARFUMS. ELIXENS SA offers its FLORESSENCE subsidiary new development opportunities with a strong and dynamic key player of the Grasse region.

Both French fragrance creation houses are located in the same area in Saint-Cézaire-sur-Siagne (06), in the region of Grasse, France. FLORESSENCE and CREATIONS & PARFUMS are very similar in size and profitability. With this acquisition, the new group creates a coherent establishment of a significate size in the world of fragrance compounds with a geographical proximity facilitating the integrations of both teams. FLORESSENCE also offers a land reserve providing opportunities for industrial expansion.

With this transaction, the ELIXENS group will now focus its activities on the Aromatic raw materials business (essential oils, hydrolates and specialties) in conventional and organics, through its affiliates ELIXENS France, ELIXENS AMERICA Inc. and ELIXENS UK ltd.

The ELIXENS group will pursue its historic engagements, continuing to build sustainable production chains and promote those aromatic raw materials to formulators and creators in the perfume, flavors and cosmetics segments.

IN-COSMETICS Korea kicked off this Wednesday morning, June 13th, at COEX Exhibition Centre in Seoul, for 3 days promoting innovation in ingredients and technologies for personal care and beauty specialists.

Perfume compositions and aromatic raw materials from our development laboratories FLORESSENCE and ELIXENS FRANCE are being showcased in stand E68.

Our sales manager, Mrs. Brigitte FRISON, and Raw Materials Development manager - Mrs. Laetitia LAVERAN are presenting our wonderful fragrance ingredients, accompanied by local agent from ANC, Mr. Peter SONG.

Please stop by, they are most looking forward to meet you!
Fragrance compositions and aromatic raw materials from our development laboratories FLORESSENCE and ELIXENS FRANCE are being showcased in stand 4E23. Our sales managers, Mrs. Brigitte FRISON and Mr. Karim TADJEROUNI are eagered to meet you!
From Tuesday May 8th to Thursday May 10th, beauty is the center of attention at BEAUTYWORLD Dubaï.

Organic aromatic raw materials :

2019 Catalog edition

elixens vignette 2014 v2 2Elixens France presents its Organic Catalog. More than 75 different aromatic raw materials, mostly coming from our own agricultural sites across the globe - from the Comoro Islands to the cradle of organic farming in France, the Drome Valley. 
This catalog includes direct origin and certificate credits for :

- essential oils,
- actives,
- hydrolates & floral waters,
- pressed oils,
- dried plants

For more information and if you wish to receive a full presentation, please contact our sales team member.