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For the past several weeks Elixens has been implementing a prevention and business continuity plan. Within the framework of new provisions linked to the quarantine mandated by the French government, we’d like to inform our Business Partners that:

  • • Strictly enforce social distancing guidelines between our employees and site visitors
  • • Limit the travel of our employees and the visits to our sites, for priority reasons
  • • Continue the telework arrangements for all our administrative staff
  • • Apply specific organizational methods for our workshops, laboratories, and shipping/ receiving areas which continue their activity by limiting interpersonal contacts as much as possible

In this still complex period for physical flows, particularly mail, we thank you for favoring communication by email.

Our priority remains that of preserving the health of our employees, our customers and suppliers while ensuring the continuity of our activity.

After joining the Authentic Provence association in 2019, Elixens has now obtained compliance with the Authentic Provence standard for a range of dry plants from partnership with farmers in Provence
With our raw materials labeled Authentic Provence, you can guarantee the Provençal origin of your ingredients, an undeniable promotional asset.
This label aims to enhance the quality and Provençal way of life of products grown, designed, transformed and packaged in Provence.

Initially launched for cosmetics, the label is currently developing in the food industry.

Jean-Pascal ABDELLI, managing director continue to develop and promote direct sourcing and traceability by joining recently the association board.

More information https://www.authentic-provence.fr/en/

On March 13, Jean-Pascal ABDELLI, Elixens France managing director signed our involvement in the « Green & Lavenders » program with Eric Chaisse, General coordinator of the endowment fund "Safeguarding of Lavender Heritage in Provence" (SPLP Fund). The signing occured during the Biovallée association’s Aromatic and medicinal plants conference. This association aims to promote sustainable development through enriching local networks.

A 3-year commitment from Elixens with a financial participation and technical monitoring on natural vegetable covers around the plants to protect better the soil and the plant. « Green & lavenders » is a project initiated by the SPLP Fund with the Agricultural Chamber of the Drôme (public authority). The goal is to optimize the life cycle of lavender, while at the same time reducing the lavender’s carbon footprint though; adapting cultivation, distillation, and harvesting techniques in addition to decreasing CO2 emissions and fossil fuel consumption by 50% in the lavender and lavandin sectors by 2029

More Info (French)

Elixens presents its new range of hydrolats from Sri Lanka while attending the Vivaness trade fair, the major organic event in Europe. 5 new organic hydrosols to complement our catalog, carefully selected from a Fair Trade certified producer. Hydrosol is a co-product, like essential oil, from the steam distillation process of the plant. Our new products bring exotic and original subtle notes to a formulation.

History of the hydrosols

A significant work by our team to source controlled materials coming directly from a producer and respecting our values. Our partner producer is committed to a fair process certified. Its products are certified organic. Elixens France confirmed the quality of these products by visiting the crops, meeting farmers and checking the manufacturing process: expertise carried out by Laetitia LAVERAN, technical manager and André HYVRIER, agronomy manager.
The traditional plants are cultivated organically in the Colombo region in the southwest of Sri Lanka. They are distilled close to the fields. Elixens France guarantees you high standard, filtered and analyzed hydrosols.

The range


INCI Botanical Name: Cymbogon flexuosus herb extract
Olfactory notes: lemon, tonic
Cosmetic and food use


INCI Botanical Name: Elettaria cardamomum seed extract
Olfactory notes: fresh, slightly lemony
Cosmetic and food use

Clove buds

INCI Botanical Name: Eugenia caryophyllus bud extract
Olfactory notes: spicy, sweet
Cosmetic and food use


INCI Botanical Name: Santalum album wood extract
Olfactory notes: sweet, powdery, dry oak
Cosmetic use


INCI Botanical Name: Zingiber officinale water
Olfactory notes: tonic, spicy, fresh ginger
Cosmetic and food use

We also offer organic lemongrass, patchouli, and ginger organic essential oil from our Sri Lankan source. Our range will develop over time.

Find Elixens on stand 3C-O56 at the Vivaness-Biofach trade show from 12 to 15 February 2020 in Nuremberg in Germany.

We wish you an happy new year!
Ready to move into 2020 with you!

The management team and staff
Elixens France, America and UK


Wishes2020 ElixensFrance

We have enjoyed meeting you this past month in Paris, New Jersey and Bangkok.
In-cosmetics shows are leading events for personal care ingredients and Nat'expo, the place where is shape the future of organic.


October 20 to 22: NAT'EXPO, Paris

You may have met Morgane (1), saleswoman, Sandrine, communication officer or Laetitia, technical manager. André, our agronomist was there too and gave a conference to promote sustainable agriculture (2)

October 21 to 22: IN-COSMETICS America, New-Jersey

Our general manager Jean-Pascal ABDELLI (4) crossed the Atlantic Ocean to welcome you with Adam, director of Elixens America on our booth at the trade show (3)

October 3 to 5: IN-COSMETICS ASIA, Bangkok

Laetitia also represented us at In-cosmetics Asia. In between her many meetings, she managed to took a picture of the booth (5)

Alpha-bisabolol is a natural compound. This asset presents a delicate floral note. It is widely used in cosmetics, especially for its ability to increase the effectiveness of other active ingredients or for its soothing properties. The natural version of the product has many advantages over the synthetic version: non-allergen *, more effective 20 to 30%, and therefore more economical. A natural organic alternative in line with consumer expectations.

Our NEW product, organic alpha-bisabolol, is extracted from the candeia oil and strictly conform with Brazilian forest protection regulation. The quality is certified COSMOS-Standart (100% PPAI organic).

We are able to also provide conventional quality.

*does not process any of the 26 substances considered as allergens by the University of Campinas, Brazil

Elixens France signed today its CSR charter, on the occasion of its attendance at Nat’expo this week-end (20-22 october), the international exhibition of organic products in Paris.

This document was co-signed by Carole ABDELLI, President and Céline MOURET, HSE regulatory manager, with the support of the employee representative. It formalises societal and sustainable development commitments made over many years like:
- equally incentive contract
- non-discrimination and non-harrassment policy
- development of fair sourcing channels
- promoting organic agriculture for more than 20 years
- an environmental safety action plan…

This charter was also an opportunity to set new goals, ever more ambitious for a small business of 19 people.

To find out more, read our CSR Charter

New industrial site, new products, new employees ... and logo makeover.
Transparency is in the DNA of Elixens, an independent and family-owned firm, so we are giving you the details of our transformation.

This new visual identity illustrates our main growth path: natural, organic, and fair-trade products.

It highlights the beauty and quality of our aromatic plants thanks to a coherent, current and easily ajustable corporate identity.  

Elixens is the contraction of "elixir of the senses". Its mission is to handle customers’ constraints regarding raw materials while sharing its expertise and being at the center of both the agricultural world and industrial production (symbolized by the central X). 

You will notice that our new logo appear gradually on our promotional materials to avoid any waste.

Our new visual identity does not change our main goal which remains: to ensure high-quality service manufacturing and supplying sustainable fair-trade aromatic raw materials.

2019 10 11 newlogo


The aromatic plants conference at the international trade fair Tech & Bio attracted a lot of visitors on September 19th, 2019.

"Our aromatic plants are adapted to not or poorly irrigated culture. They are an answer to the water-saving problems and open up possibilities for farmers in dry areas "stressed out André Hyvrier, agricultural engineer of Elixens. "Every year, we notice changes due to global warming: harvest dates are a week ahead and some cold-sensitive species can spend the winter without problems" he explained.

On September 13th, Elixens France has proudly hosted an inter-governmental delegation led by French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe.

The company was held up as an example of Biovallée territory dynamism, which won the national call for projects TIGA (Territory of innovation and great ambition).

Elixens France presented its privileged fair-trade partnership in organic farming with SICA BIOPLANTES cooperative, as well as its transformation activities of essential oils, hydrolats, and dry plants.

The head of the government particularly enjoyed our organic peppermint. He also found out the examples of our famous clients' finished products.

French Prime Minister came with Didier Guillaume, French Minister for agriculture and food and three other French Ministers, as well as many local elected representatives.

From left to right: Jean-Pascal ABDELLI, CEO, Eric CHAUVIN, co-manager SICA BIO-PLANTES, Carole ABDELLI, chairwomen

IMG 9889.1

The Elixens group is pleased to provide our analysis of the recent french lavender and lavandin harvest in july: a fast-growing sector. To anticipate the market price in September 2019, we point out some key factors influencing the market.

Download the report

The mallow Malva sylvestris L. is a perennial plant, native to Europe. We currently grow mallow in the South of France (Drôme). Maryline’s field is less than 40 km (25 miles) from our production site and our distillery.

We produce 5% certified organic floral water (22,5% PPAI organic). This pretty purple flower with soothing, emollient properties and a faint floral note will be perfect for your softness formulas. The plant can also be dried for herbal teas and used for respiratory properties.

The harvest is from June to September. We highly recommend that you make your reservations before January for large volumes of floral waters or dried plants. We can then organize the plantations and supply you with the product in 2020.


Bringing together the industrial and technical development resources, Elixens France is getting closer to the fields, at the heart of our organic and fair-trade partnership in Provence-Dauphiné.

Drôme’s team joined a new industrial building of 7 170 sq yd located on 7,4 ac of land.

A total investment of nearly €3M million enabled the acquisition of the building and its development. The modernization and development of industrial tools are carried out by local companies until the end of 2019.

Our teams are ensuring, as always, high-quality customer service during the whole process. They are also looking forward to offering you new products, especially on the natural, organic and fair-trade sides.  

On our booth in Seoul, from June 26 to 28, Laetitia LAVERAN, technical manager and Brigitte FRISON, sales manager, welcomed Korean cosmetics brands. Customers were particularly aware of the issues of allergens in cosmetics. Elixens has been able to offer a range of solutions such as allergen-deficient essential oils, hydrolats and some specialties like supremes.

Visitors are exploring the "Worldwide New Trend" at CITE JAPAN this week. Organised by the Federation of Japanese Cosmetic Ingredients Associations and The Society of Cosmetic Chemists of Japan, the 9th CITE (Cosmetic Ingredients and Technology Exhibition) has opened on Wednesday May 15th at the Pacifico Yokohama.

ELIXENS France is showcasing its Organic productions of Essential Oils and Floral Waters. Sales Manager Brigitte FRISON and Development Manager Laetitia LAVERAN welcome customers on stand B2-5.