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Family-owned company, specialized in the transformation of aromatic plants of the world.
Discover our fair-trade and exclusive partnership with organic farmers in Provence-Dauphiné for more than 20 years.



News and Events

We strive to keep you informed on our aromatic products and activities, our corporate news and our presence on the field, at trade shows.

New: organic Marjoram dried herbs
This plant is native to North Africa. Like most of the Lamiaceae (thyme, lavender, mint..), the Greeks associated it with the goddess Aphrodite and attributed to it tonic aphrodisiac virtues... In the Middle Ages, its digestive properties were praised in the kitchen. This plant has a very fine... Lire la suite...
Market report: From the field, july 2020
Below you will find key information on the current and upcoming French campaign. This report is designed to help our Customers efficiently prepare in advance their purchasing requirements for organic and conventional essential oils, organic hydrosols and organic dried herbs. Download the market... Lire la suite...
Our prevention and business continuity plan
For the past several weeks Elixens has been implementing a prevention and business continuity plan. Within the framework of new provisions linked to the quarantine mandated by the French government, we’d like to inform our Business Partners that: • Strictly enforce social distancing guidelines... Lire la suite...
Provence origin on ingredients guarantee with...
After joining the Authentic Provence association in 2019, Elixens has now obtained compliance with the Authentic Provence standard for a range of dry plants from partnership with farmers in ProvenceWith our raw materials certified Authentic Provence, you can guarantee the Provençal origin of your... Lire la suite...
Reducing lavender carbon footprint
On March 13, Jean-Pascal ABDELLI, Elixens France managing director signed our involvement in the « Green & Lavenders » program with Eric Chaisse, General coordinator of the endowment fund "Safeguarding of Lavender Heritage in Provence" (SPLP Fund). The signing occured during the Biovallée... Lire la suite...
New organic Sri Lanka hydrosols range
Elixens presents its new range of hydrolats from Sri Lanka while attending the Vivaness trade fair, the major organic event in Europe. 5 new organic hydrosols to complement our catalog, carefully selected from a Fair Trade certified producer. Hydrosol is a co-product, like essential oil, from the... Lire la suite...
Trade shows 2020
Regarding the COVID-19 crisis, we can't confirm our agenda at the moment.We will update it as soon as possible. Contact us at +33 (0)4 75 83 41 31 Lire la suite...
Vivaness 2020
The Elixens team will once again be visiting the greatest organic convention in Europe from 12-15 february 2020 at Nuremberg, Germany. If your available there, let's meet at our booth 3C-056Jean-Pascal ABDELLI, managing director, André HYVRIER, agricultural engineer/Plant manager... Lire la suite...