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Established in the Grasse region for 3 generations, Floressence joined Elixens Group in January 2005.
Specialised in the creation of fragrance compounds, Floressence is a professional, dynamic and reliable supplier for fine perfumery and functional perfumery industries.

• Alcohol-based perfumery: For women, men and children, Oriental perfumery.
• Hygiene and beauty: Facial skin care, body care, foot care, men’s care, shaving cream, sun creams, slimming treatments, hair treatments, children’s care, deodorants, wipes, shower gel, soap, bubble bath, shampoo, toothpaste.
• Air fresheners: aerosols, sprays, electric diffusers, fragrance lamps, candles, ventilation, car fresheners.
• Cleaning products: detergents, floor cleaners, fabric washing products, fabric softeners, wipes, window detergents.

The company relies on the aromatic raw materials production and collection sites of Elixens Group (Ukraine, Comoros) to develop its creative research, especially in the field of Organic products and the formulation of 100% natural fragrance compounds. Thanks to its worldwide network of offices, intermediaries and local agents, it is very familiar with foreign market trends and exports account for 65% of its total sales.

A strict traceability procedure ensures the quality of its products. Moreover, its laboratories provide you with samples, fragrance descriptions, physico-chemical data sheets and safety data sheets whenever you require them.

Subsidiaries and offices:
• Showroom Floressence in the Paris Region
• Floressence Barcelona  
• Floressence Russia 
• Floressence Ukraine 

• Agents in Europe, America, North Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

Technologies: Gas chromatography, Mass Spectrometry,
formulation, implementation, extraction
Production tools: New-generation equipment including robots to create and develop the compounds best suited to customers’ requirements
- Scales to weigh samples: Roxy
- Production tools: Roxane and Contexa
- Productions from 5kg to several tons
- Production capacity: 700 tons a year
Certificates supplied: Certificate of origin, export certificate
Technical documentation: Technical specifications, safety data sheets, allergens declaration, IFRA conformity, olfactory descriptions
Environmental protection: Waste processing (SIW = Special Industrial Waste -
OIW = Ordinary Industrial Waste)

- Fragrance compositions
Director: Cedric LESAGE
ZA La Festre Sud, Route de Grasse
06530 Saint Cezaire s/Siagne - FRANCE
Tel: + 33 (0)4 93 40 59 60
Fax: + 33 (0)4 93 40 59 69
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