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Our history


In 1987 Emmanuel Alves founded the Orgasynth company, renamed Elixens Group in 2010. Between 1987 and 2001, the Group specialised in fine chemicals and specialty chemicals.

In 2001, it diversified by entering the fragrance and flavours market by taking over Adrian SA which became Adrian Industries SAS, an international trader of essential oils and aromatic materials based in Aix-en-Provence which has two subsidiaries, one in England, Adrian Essential Oils (rebaptised Elixens UK LTd) and one in the USA, Adrian America Inc (renamed Elixens America Inc.).

In January 2003, Elixens acquired Fontarôme, a company specialised in food flavourings. The Group then embarked upon its development in the design and manufacture of sweet and savoury flavours for food and pharmaceutical industries.

At the same time, it reinforced its position as a producer of natural raw materials when it acquired companies that produce essential oils in the Comoros (Bambao) and Eastern Europe (Eastaroma). It established partnerships with local producers in Provence, in the Indian Ocean and in Latin America.

In 2005, Elixens acquired Floressence, a fragrance manufacturing family business based in Grasse, the cradle of the perfume industry, thus gaining its know-how in fragrance compounds for fine perfumery, cosmetics, technical and functional perfumery.

In July 2007, the Group sold its fine chemicals and colouring divisions to Argos Soditic, the European investment fund, and re-focused on raw materials, flavours and fragrances which had become its core business. Six months later, Orgarôme, became Elixens France, created from the merger of Elixens' aromatic raw materials (Adrian Industries) and the flavours operations (Fontarôme). The flavours activity has been sold on June 1st 2017.

In June 2008, Elixens continued to strengthen its position as a producer of essential oils and aromatic materials by buying up the French company Agipal. Since 1962, this company had been producing 100% pure and natural essential oils and complex essential oils, vegetable oils and other floral waters. This acquisition allowed the Group to develop faster in the cosmetics sector. Agipal was integrated into Elixens France in October 2008.

On 17 March 2010, through its subsidiary Elixens France, Elixens bought the Sanoflore’s Raw Materials Division, located in the Drôme, the cradle of Organic production and France’s leading department for Organic products. Through its production subsidiaries in the Ukraine and the Comoros, Elixens was already active in the Organic raw materials but this acquisition confirmed its desire to become a leading player in the Organic sector. Ecocert certification and Organic Solidarity accreditation were thereafter obtained for many raw materials locally produced.

After 25 years, the governance of the group has changed on March 30th 2012, to an Executive Board, directed by Mrs. Carole Abdelli, and a Supervisory Board directed by the founder, Mr. Alves.

On October 3rd, 2018, Elixens sold its subsidiary Floressence, thus refocusing on organic and conventional raw materials (essential oils, hydrolates and specialties).

The Elixens group is continuing to build sustainable production chains and promoting these products to formulators and creators in the perfume, food-flavoring and cosmetics segments.