Our group

Combining ethics and know-how, from the production of raw materials
to the creation of perfumes

Our know-how involves controlling all stages of the production chain, from the cultivation of fragrant plants to the delivery of fragrance compositions.

We are present right at the source, harvesting a wide variety of fragrant plants (lavender, lavandin, hyssop, tarragon, ylang-ylang, cloves, neroli, coriander, clary sage, artemisia, orange and lemon trees, rose geraniums, etc.). We do this through our subsidiaries in the Comoros and Eastern Europe or through partnerships with local producers in Provence, the Indian Ocean and Latin America. In each of these regions, we develop conventional and certified organic farm production.

Being a producer allows us to offer conventional or organic raw materials, control volumes and prices for our customers, anticipate production according to harvests and offer a large selection of fragrances and flavors.

Transforming natural ingredients
We offer a wide range of essences and fragrances obtained from natural ingredients. To do this we call upon our technological know-how and highly efficient equipment: extraction plants, distillation columns, continuous packaging plant, etc.

Our raw materials are scrupulously analysed by our laboratories: physical properties (density, refraction index, rotary power), chemical properties (acid index, peroxide index, phenol concentration, level of active principles, ester concentration), chromatography (HPLC, GC and mass spectrometry) bacterial and organoleptic analysis.

We pay special attention to analysing the naturalness, colour and allergen levels present in our essences.

Creating fragrances
With regard to fragrance compounds for the beauty, home care and well-being sectors (perfumery, cosmetics, detergence, ambiance and pharmaceutical markets), our customers’ requests are studied by specialists who are capable of anticipating market trends. Always working alongside the customer, our specialists implement a real olfactory strategy. Thanks to our high-tech equipment, we can create and develop customised programmes with volumes ranging from one kilogramme to several tons.

Our laboratories and production facilities all have state-of-the-art equipment and integrate new-generation technologies.

Our large storage capacity allows us to offer an array of solutions to suit all delivery needs.

Finally, we have an extensive marketing network throughout the world and a very efficient logistics department capable of adapting to all regulatory procedures.


– supply chain control;
– full traceability of procedures, from field to end-product;
rigorous quality control, guaranteed through our product certification;
– strict compliance with current regulations combined with a legislation watch to keep step with changes.
– a voluntary commitment to work towards sustainable development


In 1987 Emmanuel Alvès founded the Orgasynth company, renamed Elixens Group in 2010. Between 1987 and 2001, the Group specialised in fine chemicals and specialty chemicals.

In 2001, it diversified by entering the fragrance and flavours market by taking over Adrian SA which became Adrian Industries SAS, an international trader of essential oils and aromatic materials based in Aix-en-Provence which has two subsidiaries, one in England, Adrian Essential Oils (rebaptised Elixens UK LTd) and one in the USA, Adrian America Inc (renamed Elixens America Inc.).

In January 2003, Elixens acquired Fontarôme, a company specialised in food flavourings. The Group then embarked upon its development in the design and manufacture of sweet and savoury flavours for food and pharmaceutical industries.

At the same time, it reinforced its position as a producer of natural raw materials when it acquired companies that produce essential oils in the Comoros (Bambao) and Eastern Europe (Eastaroma). It established partnerships with local producers in Provence, in the Indian Ocean and in Latin America.

In 2005, Elixens acquired Floressence, a fragrance manufacturing family business based in Grasse, the cradle of the perfume industry, thus gaining its know-how in fragrance compounds for fine perfumery, cosmetics, technical and functional perfumery.

In July 2007, the Group sold its fine chemicals and colouring divisions to Argos Soditic, the European investment fund, and re-focused on raw materials, flavours and fragrances which had become its core business. Six months later, Orgarôme, became Elixens France, created from the merger of Elixens' aromatic raw materials (Adrian Industries) and the flavours operations (Fontarôme). The flavours activity has been sold on June 1st 2017.

In June 2008, Elixens continued to strengthen its position as a producer of essential oils and aromatic materials by buying up the French company Agipal. Since 1962, this company had been producing 100% pure and natural essential oils and complex essential oils, vegetable oils and other floral waters. This acquisition allowed the Group to develop faster in the cosmetics sector. Agipal was integrated into Elixens France in October 2008.

On 17 March 2010, through its subsidiary Elixens France, Elixens bought the Sanoflore’s Raw Materials Division, located in the Drôme, the cradle of Organic production and France’s leading department for Organic products. Through its production subsidiaries in the Ukraine and the Comoros, Elixens was already active in the Organic raw materials but this acquisition confirmed its desire to become a leading player in the Organic sector. Ecocert certification and Organic Solidarity accreditation were thereafter obtained for many raw materials locally produced.

In december 2010,  Elixens absorbed the Brazilian company Bio-Inter. 

After 25 years, the governance of the group has changed on March 30th 2012, to an Executive Board, directed by Mrs. Carole Abdelli, and a Supervisory Board directed by the founder, Mr. Alves.

As of March 1st 2013, Yriel Ltd., acting in agreement with the Alves family, proceeded to the withdrawal of Elixens shares not held by it or members of the Alves family. That same day, the withdrawal led to the cancellation of Elixens shares from the Paris EURONEXT stock market.

Today the flexibility, pragmatism and responsiveness of the Group’s 200 employees make it an extremely dynamic entity.


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Elixens Originally positioned in fine and specialty chemicals, the Elixens Group (formerly Orgasynth) has refocused, since 2007, and even further in 2017 with the sale of it's Flavors division, on the development of Fragrances. The Group is vertically integrated from production of essential oils to the manufacture and marketing of  perfume compositions. Thus, through direct supply at the origin of production and permanent monitoring of the changes in regulations, Elixens ensures full traceability procedures, rigorous quality control and analytical and legislative compliance of our products, in total respect of professional ethics.Elixens also relies on an efficient R & D whose…
Elixens France : creative matter In February 2008, Elixens France (formerly Orgarôme) was created from the merger of Elixens Group’s Aromatic Raw Materials (Adrian Industries) and Flavourings operations (Fontarôme). The Flavouring operations have been sold on June 1st 2017. When it bought out Sanoflore’s raw materials centre in March 2010, Elixens France acquired a distillery in Eyguy Escoulin in the Drôme department. This distillery produces essential oils and hydrolats and is classed as an Organic distillery because its water supply comes straight from a mountain spring. It has 2 processing lines made entirely from stainless steel (stills, tanks and reactors) to process local and…
Elixens UK Ltd Elixens Group’s English subsidiary, Elixens UK Ltd (formerly Adrian Essential Oils Ltd) is the distribution centre for England, Ireland and Scandinavia. Established in London in 1959, the company specialises in the marketing of 100% pure and natural essential oils, concretes, absolutes defined aromatic products. It has an experienced, professional team which provides fast, efficient service and has considerable technical resources:• 20,000 sq ft of office space with a company laboratory for analyses and technical support (Gas Chromatography, Mass Spectrometry, chiral column)• Sampling on a large stock of aromatic raw materials • 12,000 sq ft of warehouse space to store and…
Elixens America Inc. Elixens Group’s American subsidiary, Elixens America Inc.  (formerly Adrian America Inc.), is the local distributor for all our customers in North America, the USA and Canada. Located in Rahway, New Jersey, in the heart of the American Flavours and Fragrances industry, the company specialises in the distribution of the following products: 100% pure and natural essential oils, rectified, deterpenated, concentrated, colourless essential oils; terpenes , balsam, tar, concretes and absolutes, vegetable oils, defined aromatic products . It also offers Bio-certified essential oils, dried herbs and spices. With its small, flexible, motivated and highly responsive team (goods are delivered within 48 hours), this…
Bambao (formerly Tropikal) From the heart of the Indian Ocean come fragrances to delight your senses: ylang ylang, clove, vanilla, frangipani, neroli, etc. A renowned specialist in the collection and production of these essential oils on the island of Anjouan in the Comoros, Bambao has been a leading player in this market for a long time. This company offers a constant supply of products and, driven by its membership of the Elixens Group since 2001, it is resuming the production of concretes such as frangipani, orange flower and ylang-ylang. Other project underway: Resuming clove drying operations. Finally, Bambao supplies organic…
Eastaroma At the gateway to the new enlarged Europe, Eastaroma produces essential oils and concretes in the area that used to supply 80% of so-called “Russian” production in the former Soviet Union. Located a few kilometres from the port city of Odessa in Ukraine, the Eastaroma plant extends over an area of 10 hectares and accommodates a continuous distillation column which is ideal for the processing of coriander or fennel seeds to make essential oils. An extraction plant is being built which will be used for the production of concrete from clary sage. Eastaroma also processes other products that are typical…